Outdoor Essential Emergency Shelter


Ouddoo Essentials Emergency tent, Outdoor emergency blanket tents, earthquake Emergency Shelter, civilian activities


Name: First Aid Tent

Material: PET aluminum film

Size: 2.4*1.5*0.9 meters

Baby weight: About 180g


Baby thickness: 0.01197mm (it is very thin)

The product package contains 5.5 meters of rope

Baby material: PET film + silver coated aluminum film


How to use it: spread the tent on the ground. The rope goes through the tent and ends on the tree.


Lifesaving blanket, emergency sleeping bag and emergency tent are international common field lifesaving products.

In outdoor emergency, it can achieve waterproof, sunscreen and cold proof properties. It has many uses:


1. Keep body temperature in a bad cold environment

2. Sun shading in the sun

3. Build a temporary shelter

4, windproof and rain prevention

5. Collecting rainwater

6, reflection for help


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