BRS – 116 Vital Stove


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Pls Note:

Follow instructions and warnings to avoid fires,serious injury, or death.
·Never stop the fan while the vital stove is still burning, the fan cools the base of the stove during operation. Stopping the fan will cause the base to overheat and may damage the fan motor.
·Always light and use the vital stove outdoors, never inside a house, tent, or other unventilated or enclosed area. Respect this directive to avoid endangering your life.
·Never put the vital stove on or under a flammable surface.
·Keep stove away from flammables. Never allow fabrics,clothing, or any flammable material to come with 1.2m(4ft) of the vital stove.
·Never pour liquid, including liquid fuel , into the stove.
·Never move the stove when it is in use.
·When the vital stove is in use, all metal parts become extremely hot(except the handle of the shutter).no not touch.
·Place the stove on a stable surface. Always verify the stability of the stove before starting the fire.
·Place the battery holder far away from the heat.
·Never leave an empty container on the stove while burning.
·Keep out of reach of children.
·Never leave the stove unattended while burning.
·Ensure that the diffusion chamber (located under the perforated plate) is free of any objects otherwise it could result in damaging the stove or cause fire


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