Rechargeable Camping Lantern


Naturehike Hanging USB Rechargeable Camping Tent Light LED Adjustable Camp Light NH19Y002-B

  • Camping Lantern Black
  • Camping Lantern Blue


Product Description

Brand: Naturehike

Name: Starlight LED Multifunctional Outdoor Camp Lamp

Model NO.: NH19Y002-B

Net Weight: 518g

Packing Size: 19cm*10cm*9.8cm

Light Source: 56 Seed LED

Battery Capacity: 6600mA

Lnput & Output: 5V 1A / 5V 1A

Material: Rubber / ABS / PC

Lighting Mode: Bright White light/Natural light/Warm Yellow Light

Color: Black / Blue

Natural light

Lumen: 150

Endurance: 18Hour

Warm Yellow Light

Lumen: 180

Endurance: 15Hour

Bright White Light

Lumen: 500

Endurance: 13Hour

Additional information

Color with Image

Camping Lantern Black, Camping Lantern Blue


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