Pathwild Air Bonnie Hat


Sun hat protect your head from extreme heat. and can unwrap the cover for better ventilation

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Sun hat Protects your head from extreme heat. and can unwrap the cover for a better ventilation Sun hat, thin, light, breathable, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, cool, wet, dry quickly, durable, neat sewing, strong, quick-drying fabric, excellent skin texture, soft and smooth, can be used for various changes Can be disassembled according to the needs of use Or it can be used as a normal brimmed hat. Ideal for people doing activities or outdoor work that require frequent exposure to the sun, such as cycling, running, boating, fishing or gardening, farming, looking at the land, construction work, trail running, etc., or temporary activities such as sports, Qingming or going abroad where the sun is strong like a desert
There is a strap under the chin with an adjustable slider.

Head circumference 59-60 cm / 23-23.5 in

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Blue, Orange, Sky Blue


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