Naturehike Portable Folding Burner


Naturehike Outdoor Fire Burn Pit Stand Portable Camping Solid Fuel Rack Folding Stove Fire Frame Heating Wood Charcoal Stove

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Frame material:304 stainless steel

Burning net material:304 stainless steel

Load-bearing: About 5kg

Use size:41.5×41.5×26.5cm

Packing size:23.5x10x10cm

Total weight: about 800g

Features: 304 stainless steel, anti-rust, and strong durability.

Strong heat resistance and load-bearing capacity.

Firm and steady frame holding, safer for use.

Can hold up to 5kg firewood, steel net in high robustness.

Just insert connecting buckle into holes, easy and convenient for use.


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