Multifunctional Wash Rinse Cup


Naturehike Multifunctional Wash Rinse Cup Travel Toiletry Set Portable Toothpaste Bottle Camping Trip Gargle Cup Towel Storage


Product Description:

Brand : Naturehike

Name: “Wsn Ran” Multifunctional Wash Rinse Cup

Model NO.: NH19LY011

Material: PC / ABS

Size: φ60MM*200MM

Packing Size: 67MM*210MM

Single Bottle Capacity: 45ML

Color: White / Blue

Standard 5-piece Suite

Net Weight: 200g

Accessories: Sub Bottling*2/Gargle Cup*1/Mirror*1/Comb *1

Luxury 8-piece Suite

Net Weight: 350g

Accessories: Sub Bottling*2/Gargle Cup*1/Mirror*1/Comb *1



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