Men’s Long-sleeved Travel Trekking Shirt


This modular shirt made from organic cotton to explore the world with peace of mind.
To join you all over the world, we have created an extremely resistant shirt for you, made primarily from organic cotton.


FREQUENCY occasional
CUT regular
DURATION several days
MAIN MATERIAL organic cotton,recycled polyester
POCKET zip closed pocket,with pocket
WHY MUST THE CLOTHING BE MODULAR? Nothing is worse than carrying a heavy, overloaded backpack! A backpacker’s best friend is their bag. You will be walking for many hours wearing your backpack. It is therefore essential that you choose your equipment carefully to keep the weight down and travel with as light a load as possible. Look for the most multi-functional and modular clothing possible. The aim: having clothing that is suited to several situations and climates.
THE SECURITY OF YOUR BELONGINGS IS PARAMOUNT! When backpacking, what could be worse than losing your passport or getting your phone stolen? In order to avoid this risk and give you peace of mind during your travel experience, we have hidden pockets in the shirt for keeping your belongings in a safe place. There is one at the side and one on the chest.
HARDWEARING CLOTHING FOR BACKPACKERS! When preparing your backpack, you always wonder whether the clothing you have packed will measure up to your adventures and whether it is strong enough! The materials and assemblies have been specifically chosen so that we can guarantee their strength. For example, we have opted for a ripstop woven fabric: that means it is reinforced by a chequered weave pattern. What’s more, the fabric is heavier (137 g/sqm) and therefore stronger than a conventional shirt (115 g/sqm)
A SCORE FOR COMPARING PRODUCTS’ ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The product’s environmental impact is calculated over its entire life cycle using various indicators. An ABCDE score is provided to help you easily identify the most environmentally friendly products by comparing the same type of product (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks). Decathlon is a voluntary supporter of this environmentally-friendly labelling approach. Web:
COMPOSITION Main fabric: 70.0% Cotton, 30.0% Polyester Yoke: 100.0% Polyester


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