Intex Seahawk 4 inflatable boat


Product description

Quad inflatable boat with seats
Intex Seahawk 4 is a large inflatable boat that only fits four people. With a maximum load capacity of 400 kg , even four adults can enter. So you can make a nice boat trip with a group of friends or with the whole family. At the front and back of the seating area, the boat is equipped with an inflatable seat so you can sit extra comfortably. This inflatable boat comes as a complete set. The set consists of the inflatable boat, a paddle set and air pump.

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With four rows of rollers
The Seahawk 4 is equipped with four rows of rollers so that two sets of paddles can be rowed. It is of course very nice if there are four people in the boat. A set of paddles is included , but an additional set is available separately. These paddle wheels also include paddle holders that support the oars when you let them go.

Prepared for engine mounting
If you want a little more luxury during your boat trips in this Intex inflatable boat, you can consider installing an electric motor. This boat is prepared for engine mounting . This means that you can easily mount an electric motor on the boat with Intex Motor support. The Intex Electric Motor, which fits this inflatable boat, is available separately. When you use an engine, you no longer have to paddle, and this inflatable boat provides even more relaxation.

Part of the sports series
Seahawk inflatable boats from Intex are part of the Sport series, a series of inflatable boats made of strong and durable material for optimal stability and robust use. This inflatable boat is therefore suitable for fishing or sailing in lakes and quiet rivers. This boat is extra fun for anglers. He is equipped with two rod holders where your fishing rod can stand. So you can wait calmly until you bite while bubbling with the boat in the water.

With three air chambers
Intex Seahawk 3 has a hard dark green color and is decorated with yellow texts and figures. The boat is made of sturdy vinyl and has three air chambers. The arch consists of two separate air chambers, both of which have a large Boston valve. This ensures that inflation and emptying go extra fast. The use of two air chambers also provides extra security. If the largest air chamber is punctured along the way, you will also probably get to the side with only the smaller air chamber.

Bow handle and handle The
Intex Seahawk 4 is equipped with a bow handle and a handle cord. They make it extra easy to carry the boat to the water . The gripping cord is also useful when you want to go ashore again. Someone on the side can grab this cord so the boat does not slip away. This way you can safely get out. In addition, this boat is equipped with a storage space for small items. This four-person boat is a total of 351 centimeters long, 145 centimeters wide and 48 centimeters high.


Weights and Measures

48 cm
145 cm
351 cm


Suitable for
4 people
Carrying capacity
400 kg


Thickness of material
0.75 mm
Number of air chambers
Type of bottom
inflatable bottom
Number of valves


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