Foldable Lunch Box


Naturehike Outdoor Folding Portable Lunch Box Silicone PP Bowl Dinner Pail Picnic Camping Tableware Can Microwave Free BPA


Material: silicone+PP
Temperature:-20degrees Celsius~120 degrees Celsius
Size approx :24*17.5*7cm/21*15*6.5cm/15cm*12.5*6.5cm
Thickness approx:4cm/3.2cm/3.2cm
Net weight approx:372g/302g/181g
Feature: Can microwave;free BPA;can fold;No leakage
Material: Silicone + PP
Temperature: -20°C to 120°C
Capacity: L-650 + 350 + 350ml / M-650 + 350ml / S-600ml
Size Approx: 24*17.5*7cm/21*15*6.5cm/15cm*12.5*6.5cm
Thickness Approx: 4cm/3.2cm/3.2cm
Net Weight: 372g/302g/181g
Features: Microwave; free BPA; collapsible; no leakage


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