Aptonia Emergency Blanket 2 in 1


GOLD SIDE Gold side out to capture warmth and stay warm: this combats any risk of hypothermia, preserves body heat and protects from the wind and moisture.
SILVER SIDE Silver side out to keep cool: preserves cool temperatures (cars, tents, etc.).
FEATURES Dimensions: 130 x 210 cm. Thickness: 12µm.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Open your sachet and unfold the blanket according to your need.
PRECAUTIONS FOR USE Do not cover your head as this can cause suffocation. Do not use the emergency blanket in the event of a storm, near to naked flames or if you are using an electro-surgical device, e.g: AED. Do not cut or make holes in the blanket. Store in a dry place.
COMPOSITION Main fabric : 92.0% Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Main fabric : 4.0% Aluminium, Main fabric : 4.0% Resin
STORAGEADVICE Store in a clean, dark, dry place.


Ease of use

2 sides with 2 functions gold: capture warmth silver: keeps you cool


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